All Flavours are: Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Nut Free
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Born and raised in California; we moved to Australia in 2013.  After two years of living in the Land Down Under we started to miss different foods and flavours from back home (that’s flavors for any friends and family in the USA).  Over the first year we went to many markets, shows and events in the Melbourne area and noticed we couldn’t find “Kettlecorn” here?

In the USA you can find Kettlecorn in front of Walmart or Costco; from the Ozzie perspective, that's something as common placed as a weekend Sausage Sizzle.  I took it upon myself to introduce authentic Kettlecorn to the Ozzies.  We are proud to bring Kettlecorn made correctly with the correct amount of ingredients and cooking methods.  All of our flavours are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Nut Free, which is important to know with today’s dietary restrictions.

With our California naming convention we have introduced 4 different flavours.  The original Sweet & Salty, appropriately named “Hollywood”, captures the essence of both California and Kettlecorn.  Our Sweet, Salty & Cinnamon flavour, we call “Malibu”, reminds us of the many beach cities in California.  Our Sweet, Salty & Spicy flavour, the name speaks for itself “Over the Border”.  Finally our Sweet, Salty & Chocolate flavour, our 2015 Show flavour and named after the California State Animal, “Grizzly Bear”.  In 2016 we introduced our Fairy Floss flavour (kids love the bright colours).  In 2017 we introduced our Apple Pie flavour (my wife's new favorite flavour).